Concept of Ethical Consumerism

What is Ethical Consumerism?

If your favorite restaurant employs a child as a waiter

.Are you okay in ordering your food from that child?

Or if your favorite shoe brand is involved in animal cruelty.

Will you still buy those shoes?

Or, if your favorite clothes Brand pollutes the environment while manufacturing clothes.

Will you still wear the same clothes?

Or, in your University, the staff are not paid regularly, appropriately.

Will you be okay with that?

If being a consumer you care about the ethics, morals, values, environment impact, business policies and practices of a business corporation or organization then only you can consider yourself an Ethical or Conscious consumer.

Further it is not just about caring for what products we buy but it also includes giving fair consideration to the ethical and moral practices of business corporation while purchasing the goods. Factors like people working in the organization, whether the source of investment is legitimate or not, whether employment policies favors employees, raw materials used are environment friendly or not, organization follow fair advertisement means are some aspects which should be well-thought-out.

Although the concept of “Consumer Protection” is already well established in India as Government has incorporated laws like Consumer Protection Act, 1986 which specifically focuses on consumer rights. But there is almost no legal backing for the concept of ethical consumerism anywhere not even in our country too. This is an ongoing and steadily rising social concept.

The concept of Ethical or Conscious consumerism was often limited to just purchasing green or organic goods. But a wave of consumer consciousness was noticed in the country, when people boycotted the Chinese goods in response to border tensions or when they were opposing Bollywood Celebs on nepotism.

So we can realize that the concept of Ethical Consumerism is now gradually gaining recognition in the country. Lastly, our generation should take pride in the fact that because of this awareness and the concept of inclusive beauty, a beauty product has changed its brand name. This is a huge win over racial and color discrimination and will pave an inclusive and better future in the times to come.

By the way, can you recall the name of the beauty product?

 Post your answer in the comment section.

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