Fast-Track Probes For Honor Killing Cases

Punjab and Haryana High Court directed SITs to provide fast track probes for honour killing cases without unwarranted sympathy for offenders.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court issued directions on honour killing cases while hearing a bail plea of a person accused in an honour killing[1]. The accused and 12 others killed one Sunita Rani’s husband, Dharambir, at Fatehabad 2 years ago. The accused was charged under sections 285, 148, 149, 452, 364, 365, 302, 201 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and section 25 of the Arms Act, 1959.

The bench of Justice Arun Kumar Tyagi issued directions to Haryana Government seeking:

  1. The figures pertaining to registered cases involving honour killing,
  2. The government’s steps to fast track investigations and trial of these cases,
  3. Steps taken for the protection of the survivor wife/husband and other principal witnesses to the crime.

Before issuing these directions, the court quoted the Supreme Court’s pronouncement in Bhagwan Dass case[2] where the Supreme Court recommended the death penalty for those found guilty in honour killing cases, “Often young couples who fall in love have to seek shelter in the police lines or protection homes, to avoid the wrath of kangaroo courts. We have held in Lata Singh’s case that there is nothing ‘honourable’ in ‘honour’ killings, and they are nothing but barbaric and brutal murders by bigoted, persons with feudal minds. It is time to stamp out these barbaric, feudal practices which are a slur on our nation. This is necessary as a deterrent for such outrageous, uncivilized behavior. All persons who are planning to perpetrate ‘honour’ killings should know that the gallows await them.”

The matter has been adjourned to November 10, 2020.

[1] Ravi Kumar v. State of Punjab

[2] Bhagwan Dass v. State (NCT) of Delhi

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